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Article: How Does Lighting Effect Your Mood & Mindset?

How Does Lighting Effect Your Mood & Mindset?

How Does Lighting Effect Your Mood & Mindset?

In the day in the age of pandemics, world crisis' and bad news...we are all already exhausted beyond belief. So what can we do to combat this? 

The use of proper lighting is one thing that we can actually control in this chaotic world, your home should represent peace and stillness. When you close that door behind you the rest of the world should be shut out of your sanctuary. Your home is a place for you to rest recharge reset for the day ahead so don't be afraid to invest into it!

Interior designers are well aware of the impact that lighting, both natural and artificial, can have on the visual impact of a space, and the mood it sets. The use of lighting patterns, different colours, and varying levels of illumination can evoke feelings of happiness, just like when the sun is shining bright. It can make us productive when bright light is shining down from directly above, it can relax us when the light is soft, and it can even stimulate or suppress our appetite!

As we move into winter we are getting less and less daylight, the need to retreat inside is becoming more prevalent, it is essential to surround ourselves in positive light, as demonstrated from experts who know a thing or two about the effects of lighting on our moods 💡



The bedroom is the ideal place for soft, subtle lighting, as it can slowly induce peaceful sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that controls the night-day cycle in humans, animals, and even plants. Melatonin is naturally produced in the body at night, to help us feel tired in order to go to bed. It can be controlled with mood lighting to induce deep sleep, and it can be reduced in the morning with the aid of the sun and the natural light it produces, keeping our body clocks in check, aiding happiness and productivity.


A recent study from a university in New York found that soft lighting, in a relaxed atmosphere, helped people to eat less and be more satisfied with their meals. Combined with darker colours, the appetite can be suppressed. This is why fast food restaurants are bright and loud, enticing us to eat more. So, this winter, if you are looking to slim the waistline, soften the lights, put on some relaxing music, to hopefully become a little healthier, and a little happier while you're at it.



Whether the bedroom, bathroom or living room mood lighting can be a great way to take your home to the next level you can set a certain level of ambience that otherwise just can't be achieved. You can consider lighting your units with the option of colour or keeping it a cool modern white or warm. Either will add that extra something to your home and give you the peace you're looking for. `



Lighting is an overlooked tool, Granted some these pictures show homes that most of us just don't have, but it doesn't have to be as eccentric as this, in fact usually minor touches and renovations with lighting fixtures and LED strips can entirely change your home dynamic. For example, lighting your shelves with strips to showcase your picture frames, plants & memorabilia can be just as effective as lighting up your whole ceiling, sometimes less is more!


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