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Our Prevention Policy For COVID-19

As the situation of COVID-19 evolves day by day, our top priority during these difficult times continuous to be the health and safety of our co-workers, customers and communities.

At illuminateCo, taking care of both our communities and our employees is important to us. Everyone at illuminateCo is provided with health insurance and full compensation for any pay that is affected due to the pandemic.

How We Are Handling Delayed Shipments?

Currently all shipments experience some sort of delay due to COVID-19. This can mean that customers will receive our products and services later than expected. We at illuminateCo want to do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19, so following and including safety measures put into place by The World Health Organisation and Governments is crucial to ensure everyones safety. Keep in mind that every country has its own measures which means delays may vary.

This means we are shipping internationally, although based in the UK, our warehouse in the UK is slowly working its way to re-open, for now we must ship internationally. See our Shipping Information for more

We make all customers aware of delayed shipments through order confirmation emails which state the possible delay due to COVID-19. This is so all customers are informed of the delay and can expect it going forward. 

It is a very difficult time for everyone so unfortunately delayed shipments will be in place until further notice. Shipments times may go down when measures such as 'Lockdown' are over. 

What Shipping Sanitation Measures Are Being Taken During COVID-19?

During COVID-19 we are ensuring all staff members, shipping partners, and any companies or individuals who work in line with handling our products or services, which includes delivering them to you, are following the rules set by The World Health Organisation. This includes wearing appropriate gear, daily sanitisation measures, and more.

You cannot contract COVID-19 through packages, a fact stated by the W.H.O - rest assured we quality check and sanitise when sending out.

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Thank You! #StaySafe 💛

- the illuminateCo team