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Article: How Lighting Can Affect Your Health

How Lighting Can Affect Your Health

How Lighting Can Affect Your Health

Heard of a Circadian Rhythm? Us too..(kind of). But did you know how much impact the light we’re exposed to can have on our body clock?

Creating a healthy environment for both the home can improve our overall health!

Us being in the lighting business thought this was important to share.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is essentially the most impactful factor to your sleep. It is natural and comes from the sun, however when we are exposed to blue light, our body produces less melatonin, which is the chemical that helps us sleep.

If we’re spending our evening bathed in bright blue-spectrum light through halogen or LED lights in the home, it’s basically bad mood lighting. Our brain thinks it’s still daytime and sends all the signals we need to stay awake and alert. Screens and devices also emit blue light, which is why many experts suggest putting the phone down a couple of hours before bed.

Considering we need lights in our home, how can we use lighting to our advantage while still maintaining a good circadian rhythm? Fortunately, there are several ways to create healthier and more eco-friendly lighting in your home or workplace.

Making use of natural light

Try to utilise natural light in your home as best you can, whether that be through windows, doors, openings or skylights... this will help you produce natural serotonin and aid your circadian rhythm.

Use smart lighting 

A smart lighting system is connected and controllable from a single point (or multiple points, such as smartphones and devices, which is something we're working on here)

Not only is this a great way to program more circadian rhythm-friendly light sequences for your home, but it also helps you save money.

Smart lighting control systems can work with sensors to detect when a room needs no light (such as our motion sensor strips).

Ultimately, smart lighting control systems are an excellent investment for modern homes, and we are more than happy to supply lighting for your needs. 

Use your phone less!

We're all addicted to these devices, but research shows, downtime off any device roughly 2-3 hours before bed will improve our overall well being and quality of sleep, due to the blue light it emits. 

Hopefully these tips can help you create a healthier home, share with us what you think and the difference it made if you decide to use these tips! 💚

Until Next time!


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