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Article: Kitchen Organization Hacks

Kitchen Organization Hacks

Kitchen Organization Hacks

Check out these clever tricks for your kitchen, we discovered these minimalistic and clutter-free kitchens were full of smart organizing ideas, including some clever lessons worth stealing. Let’s take a look!

1. Use Adhesive Hooks

This is one of the best ways to maximize space is to utilize the backs of cabinet or pantry doors. Simply peel and stick the adhesive hooks, then attach utensils to save space, they hold up to 2KG in weight usually. (Just be sure to make sure the cupboard still closes!)


2. Use Pre-made Labelled Bottles

This is a super smart way to keep things organised, minimal and clean, you can find them at your local home store! The symmetry will make your drawer look 10x more organised, it's an easy trick many home decor influencers use.


3. Use a Decorative Backsplash Rack

Backsplash racks offer easy access and stylish kitchen storage solutions. Most versions take just a few minutes to install. Extra tip, use adhesive hooks again! You don't want to be left with holes in the wall if you decide to take the rack off.

(Bonus) Use Our Strip Lights Under Units

The fastest breakfast bar lighting you'll ever install! Works perfectly under kitchen units also for that extra bit of light ;) Check them out here 

Well that's everything, let us know what you do in your home 💚

Until Next time!


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